The Geometry

of Love

Based on a best-selling book by Margaret Visser, The Geometry of Love is a thought-provoking inquiry into the symbolism of churches.
Visser enters the ancient church of Sant’Agnese fuori le mura in Rome and explains the meanings hidden in every aspect of its design, from the altar to the shape of the church itself.
Her observations lead us to unique insights into Christian thought, the evolution of Western civilization and her own spiritual renewal.
Described as “one of the best Canadian documentaries of the season” (Toronto Star, Oct. 2006) and “a model for just how well this sort of thing can be done” (Toronto Metro, Oct. 2006), the film has garnered numerous awards and nominations.


International Gabriel Award 2007 (Los Angeles)

          - Best Documentary (Culture & Ethics)


Houston WorldFest 2007   

           - Platinum Award, Best Documentary/Religion

             & Ethics

           - Gold Awards - Best Director (Paul Carvalho)

              and Best Music (Mike Shields)

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Yorkton Film & Television Festival 2007

           - Best Documentary /Arts & Culture


Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards 2007

           - Best Cinematographer (Craig Wrobleski )  

           - Best Music – Mike Shields

           - Best Sound – Frank Russo

Peabody Foundation

           - Invitation to submit a copy of the film to the

             Archives Collection of MBC, The Museum of

             Broadcast Communications (Chicago).