Paul Carvalho is a documentary director, writer and producer based in Montreal, Canada, who has had a key creative role in some 20 films since 1996.  In search of his characters and locations, Paul has travelled from New York to London and Rome to Rio, from the heart of Africa to the Canadian Arctic, and as far away as East Timor. But his most important work concerns his city. Montréal, mon amour, mon histoire is a series of five one-hour films about the history of the city. The documentaries were made on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the city’s founding (summer of 2017.) The films were made in collaboration with Ici Radio-Canada and broadcast by PBS stations and around the world.

Before becoming a filmmaker Paul Carvalho was a radio and television news reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Montréal and Toronto. Paul was the first Québec-based journalist to receive a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University. All of Paul’s films were shot and written in French and English, and on occasion simultaneously in both languages. A native of Brazil, Paul also speaks Portuguese and Spanish, having travelled and lived in several countries of the Americas as a young man.

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